Product name:YH604/YH605
                                  YH604/YH605 CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Generator


                                  This machine is a four-axis CNC servo drive machine tool, which cuts spiral bevel gears, zero bevel gear and hypoid gears with the generating method. In general, the machine will adopt the common compound spread-blade method and the single-side method to cut the right-angle or non-right-angle spiral bevel gears. This machine is suitable for the production requirements of medium modulus of spiral bevel gears used in the Cars, light trucks, tractors and construction machinery industries.


                                  ●  The structure is simple, high-rigidity and high- efficient.

                                  ●  The function is superior. It is not only machining spiral bevel gear、zerol bevel gear and hypoid gear, but also adopts software control to machining constant-depth tooth gear by use modified roll method.  

                                    The machining precision is GB 6; surface finish is 1.6, which can meet high level manufacturers’ requirement.

                                  ●  With the exception of the manual adjustments of the root angle, all the machine adjustments for the cutting will be done by operations on the menu and completed automatically by the programs, thus enabling the operations simpler and more accurate.

                                    The calculation for the machine settings adopts digital menu to operate, only input the calculated settings directly according to the requirements of the menu. All the adjustments will be done automatically through the programs to make the adjustments simpler and more accurate, and the human errors have been eliminated.

                                  Parameter table:

                                  Design sketch: